Letters to the Editors

 Newsweek (October 14, 1974) and  People (November 17, 1986)

David & Julie Eisenhower

How refreshing to read about a solid, onward and upward couple like David and Julie Eisenhower (People, Nov. 17, 1986). Julie turned out to be all any parent could hope for: moral, intelligent, beautiful, loyal. If it is true that "by their fruits you shall know them," Richard Nixon has been misjudged.

June S. Hession
Ft. Washington, Md.

I see Julie Eisenhower is on her soapbox again. The same old tirade, "My daddy, Mr. Wonderful." We know about Watergate and how everyone went to jail except Nixon. Now Julie is telling us her father was really romantic and wrote love letters to Pat and called her pet names. I bet hundreds of suitors did likewise, then the pet name became "the little woman."

Maure Lee Talley
Whitehaven, Tenn.

I was shocked by what Watergate did to Julie and David. To be reduced to how they're living now is nothing but a national scandal, and to stifle David's potentially brilliant law, political or whatever career he wished is a crime. Here are two talented people being forced to underachieve. Regardless of Watergate, they're descendants of two very historical and powerful families and should be treated with respect, not reduced to a middle-class existence. I hope their new books give them more economic and social opportunities, so they won't need to hide and can be free again to meet the public.

Margie Capuder

Excerpts from People magazine (December 8, 1986)


Hooray for Julie Eisenhower (Newsweek, October 14, 1974)! In these times of "cool," when showing emotion is passé and loyalty is considered blindness, it is refreshing to see a young woman with these qualities who is feisty to boot.

Elizabeth Connelly
Newport, R.I.

Please, please, please don't crucify the American people with any more cover stories about Julie Nixon Eisenhower. Isn't it bad enough that her father made a mockery of American justice? Do we have to put up with silly, chatty stories about his ridiculous daughter also?

Beverly Deaver
Berkely, Calif.

For the second time (Shirley Temple was No. 1), I've fallen in love. Best Newsweek cover in years!

K. Munshower
King of Prussia, Pa.

Your reporter may think Julie Eisenhower is an intelligent woman. I think she's incredibly naïve if she thinks the American people would accept her father as roving ambassador to anything other than the Watergate trial.

Sylvia G. Weinstein
Westford, Mass.

Excerpts from Newsweek magazine (October 28, 1974)