On the Campaign Trail in 1960

On the Campaign Trail (1960)
Mrs. Nixon and Vice President Nixon

"[President] Eisenhower will often be seen expressing doubts about Nixon. What should be noted throughout, however, is what Eisenhower kept in the forefront of his mind—the possibility that the vice-presidential nominee might well become President. Eisenhower was an old man whose love for his country, like his service to it, was unmatched. He wanted what was best for the United States. That was why he decided to run again [in 1956]—he was sure he was the best. That was also why he finally picked Nixon as his running mate [in 1956]—he thought Nixon had his shortcomings, but he would rather turn the country over to Nixon than any other possible candidate. In itself, that was the highest possible tribute he could pay Nixon." Stephen E. Ambrose, historian and author of Nixon: The Education of a Politician 1913-1962 (1987)