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Through the Years

The Nixon Family

Julie, Tricia, RN, and Pat (1968)

Describing the first family during the Nixon administration (1969-1974), author Cass R. Sandak wrote: "The Nixons had their own style—simple, direct and fundamentally American. They were not flashy or flamboyant. Sometimes they were a little self-conscious or uncertain. Their manner was strictly Middle American. They looked like the family down the block. To many Americans, they seemed upright, religious and hardworking." from The Nixons (1992) by Cass R. Sandak

The Nixon Family

Tricia, RN, Pat, and Julie (1990)


A First Family Portrait


1) Julie Nixon Eisenhower: My College Diary
2) Letters to the Editors
3) Children's Letters to President Nixon from Dere Mr. President (1971)
4) Julie's Letter to President Nixon (August 1974)
5) The 1960 Election in Perspective
6) More Letters from Dere Mr. President
7) A News Conference with Julie and David Eisenhower (May 1974)
8) Granting Pardon to Richard Nixon (September 1974)
9) Richard Nixon's Tribute to His Beloved Pat (1994)
10) The 1968 Election and the Baby Boomers
11) Richard Nixon: A Belligerent Dove
12) Nixon Remembered...
13) A Daughter's Reflection on Father's Day (2002)
14) The Julie Nixon Chronicles
15) The Littlest Nixon (1973)

Family Album

Love at First Sight

Road Trip with Julie and David

Wedding Day: David and Julie

Father and the Bride (Part 1)

Magazine Cover: David and Julie

Magazine Cover: Ed and Tricia

Magazine Cover: The Pat and Dick Team

Magazine Cover: Nixon and Family

Young Richard Nixon

Dick, Pat, and Tricia

The Young Nixons

Father Knows Best

Julie and Tricia at the White House

Ed and Tricia

Julie, Tricia, and David

The First Lady and the American People

Vice President Richard Nixon

On the Campaign Trail

Vice President Nixon and Family

Dick, Julie, Pat, and Tricia

Nixon's the One!

Inauguration: January 20, 1969

Father and the Bride (Part 2)

White House Bride: Tricia Nixon

Eye on Nixon

President and Mrs. Nixon

President Nixon

White House: August 9, 1974

The Nixons


Election Results:
Kennedy vs. Nixon (1960)
Nixon vs. Humphrey vs. Wallace (1968)
Nixon vs. McGovern (1972)

The 1960 Campaign

Nixon for Governor

A Poster of the 1968 Campaign

A Poster of the 1972 Campaign

Special People by Julie Nixon Eisenhower

Pat Nixon: The Untold Story by Julie Nixon Eisenhower


The Richard Nixon Library & Birthplace Foundation

Nixon Presidential Library & Museum

Biography: Richard M. Nixon

American Experience: Richard M. Nixon

The Living Room Candidate

Life Portrait of Richard M. Nixon

National First Ladies' Library

First Ladies: Influence & Image

Watergate Wife (1974)

The Young Eisenhowers (1975)

David & Julie Eisenhower (1986)

Robert MacNeil: Special Report



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Historian Stephen E. Ambrose: I wrote Nixon on a number of occasions, asking him this or that question or requesting an interview, but got no reply. To my knowledge he spoke about me only once. He was on the Charlie Rose TV show, promoting his book. Rose asked him what he thought of what I had written about this or that subject. "I never read Ambrose," Nixon shot back. "What?" Rose exclaimed. "You never read Ambrose?" Nixon replied, "He is just another left-wing historian." I've always loved that line because in quoting it I can add, "[President] Eisenhower didn't think so." Plus which, it is so Nixonian. He doesn't just stick in the knife: once he has it buried, he gives it a little twist. If he wanted to call me a left-wing historian, that is his right. Goodness knows I call him lots of names. To add that "just another" to the characterization was twisting the knife.

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